Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Setup on Table 10

I hate when a player asks for a new setup, or new deck of cards. I am, however, guilty of another form of setup, which I employ when I find the table needs an injection of humor. So, with the help of a cooperative dealer, the following went down on Table 10 last night :

Dealer : You're looking happy tonight.

Me : I just spent 2 hours screwing my girlfriend and her twin.

Dealer : How can you tell them apart?

Me : Her brother's got a moustache.


lightning36 said...

Ding ding - a wiener!

Once when I voluntarily left a leadership position at my job, I told people who asked what happened: "I had to step down because I got caught having sex in my office. The embarrassing part was - there was nobody with me at the time!"

Memphis MOJO said...