Saturday, October 29, 2016

Poker Hall of Shame XI

Congratulations to our new inductees, all of them key players in the 2016 WSOP Main Event :

Cliff Josephy : For leading the charge against "speech play" artist Will Kassouf, calling him a clown.

Gordon Vayo : For embellishing stories against Kassouf to gain group approval.

Michael Niwinski : For refusing to shake Kassouf's hand after the latter's elimination.

Griffin Benger : For his puerile outburst and behavior during the AA vs KK hand.

Jack Effel : For totally abusing his tournament director powers.

Will Kassouf, who introduced a breath of fresh air into an otherwise dull telecast, is the real hero here. So, I'll be rooting for Qui Nguyen to take it all down.


lightning36 said...

Disagree. Kassouf was a tool. Imagine having to listen to him going on ... and on ... and on for hour ... after hour ... And imagine being in a tournament with a guy who tanks on virtually every play.

Guys like him suck the joy out of life.

Memphis MOJO said...

I don't know why ESPN has to play up things like Kassouf. They must think we can't enjoy it just for the poker, which I find insulting.

Mr Subliminal said...

@lightning : He was doing what was allowed of him within the rules.

@MOJO : They have to cater to the vast majority of their viewers.

j said...

i agree

Lester said...

I suppose the game of poker would be brought to new heights if EVERY player at a table yammered on as much as Kasouf and took as much time as Kasouf? Just imagine what the final table of NINE players all emulated Kasouf to a tee? But if we only have Kasouf dealing out that shite then it is OK, right? But if NINE players all did the EXACT same thing he did it would DESTROY the game.

lightning36 said...

"He was doing what was allowed of him within the rules."

I reiterate: Guys like him suck the joy out of life.