Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A free man at last

I apologize to my readers for not having posted in such a long time. Unfortunately I was incarcerated for 2 months on a trumped-up assault charge brought by MGM and the Nevada Gaming Commission.

Last December, I was getting seated in a $1/$3 game when the dealer asked if I had a players card. I had barely finished arranging my chips on the table when, to my great consternation, he repeated the same question. I immediately pulled out my MLife card and flung it at him so hard that it cracked the left lens of his eyeglasses, and then ricocheted off into the neck of the service dog in Seat 1's lap, causing it to bite the dealer in the groin.

I tried getting legal representation from famed attorney Pete P. Peters, but he was too busy attending a convention at MGM National Harbor, so I was stuck with some rookie from the Public Defender's Office, hence my 60 days behind bars.

Fellow blogger lightning36 was the only one who knew about my plight, and did visit me in jail while he was here in Vegas. I also appreciate the fact that he didn't reveal any of the embarrassing details in his latest blog trip reports.