Friday, May 26, 2017

Losing the minimum

The UTG player, a newcomer to our 2/5 table, raises to $20 and it folds around to me on the button. I look down to see AhKh and my first reaction is to 3-bet to $60. Something intangible about UTG's demeanor, however, makes me reassess, and I just call the $20 raise. We both have about $500 behind.

The flop comes K J 6 rainbow, and UTG bets $30. Once again I am tempted to 3-bet his ass, but end up just calling.

The turn is a blank, and UTG confidently pushes $100 across the betting line. Not wishing to commit my stack to TPTK, I fold facedown.

UTG proudly displays AA, and surprisingly I am nearly as pleased as he is.