Friday, May 26, 2017

Losing the minimum

The UTG player, a newcomer to our 2/5 table, raises to $20 and it folds around to me on the button. I look down to see AhKh and my first reaction is to 3-bet to $60. Something intangible about UTG's demeanor, however, makes me reassess, and I just call the $20 raise. We both have about $500 behind.

The flop comes K J 6 rainbow, and UTG bets $30. Once again I am tempted to 3-bet his ass, but end up just calling.

The turn is a blank, and UTG confidently pushes $100 across the betting line. Not wishing to commit my stack to TPTK, I fold facedown.

UTG proudly displays AA, and surprisingly I am nearly as pleased as he is.


lightning36 said...

Good thing your observations were spot on. I'd think folding AK would have been tough.

Memphis MOJO said...

Wonder why players always have to show pocket aces?

Tony Bigcharles said...

i dont. if they swear i had aa, ill swear i had something else, whatever could be believable besides just aa