Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tipping the dealer - II

Thank you to those that commented in my previous post. It would appear that out of the 8 people who have expressed an opinion to date, a majority of 6 thought that a $1 tip would be appropriate, one person maintained that the dealer didn't deserve "a fucking penny", and one expressed doubts about the situation and preferred to remain on the sidelines.

From the outset let me state that tipping is a very personal matter and that there is no right or wrong answer for each and every situation. For the sake of simplicity let us assume there are 5 general categories of players :

1. Those that never tip.

2. Those that tip intermittently.

3. Those that tip $1 for each pot regardless of size.

4. Those that tip at least $1 depending on the size of the pot.

5. Mr Subliminal (to be defined).

As it happens, in this particular instance I did not tip the dealer. Yet, as I will show later, this dealer would have been better off having 9 Mr Subliminal's at his table than any of the other types.

One other thing. By definition, the "you're tipping for service, not for results" crowd must belong to category 3, no?


angerisagift said...

not cat. 3, sir. only time ,i dont tip a dealer is if i raise preflop and only get the blinds and/or 1 limper. but if i do this a couple of times then by the 3 time i tip a dollar.

Unknown said...

im in category 2 of course, often i dont because im losing but here lately ive gave out several tips, sometimes over $1

Unknown said...

I'm with aisg in my tipping pattern, but I do add one more exception.

If I tip and don't get ANY acknowlegement of my tip - not a nod, not a smile, not a word. When that happens, I kindly mention (while raking my next pot) that I hope to get at least a nod or smile when I tip; if that generates no response, that dealer gets no more tips from me.


angerisagift said...

true i agree with that unknown

bill said...

I don't think I fit into any of those categories. I tip $1 on any pot that gets to around $30...usually $2 on larger pots (say $75 and up) and nothing on chopped blinds or no flop pots.