Monday, October 12, 2015

Snubbed again

This is the 5th year running that I have been overlooked for the Nobel Prize in Economics. I have said nothing till now, but there is a limit to how much humiliation one can take. I have nothing against this year's winner, Angus Deaton, who I'm sure was worthy of the esteemed award. However, my pioneering research into the relationship between median household income and 4th street bluff reraising ranges has been widely acclaimed in academic circles as groundbreaking. When will those Northern European idiots finally come to their senses?


Memphis MOJO said...

I'm guessing there's an "old boy network" thing going on here. Don't take it personally.

lightning36 said...

Perhaps you need to lobby harder while panhandling on the overpasses.

dD said...

us Northern European idiots indeed.
Angus Deaton, English comedian, actor, tv presenter (Have I Got News For You). After his cocaine induced fall from grace, who would ever have dreamed he would pop up as a Nobel prize winner !
Almost as bad as electing an "actor" president. lol