Friday, January 07, 2005

Some recent hands ...

(1) Bellagio $2-$5 NLHE. I am in EP with $200, BB (a new and unknown player) has $100, button has $400. I open limp with AQ offsuit, all fold to button who calls, SB and BB both call.

Flop : Q 5 3 rainbow

Everyone checks to button who bets $15, SB folds, BB goes all-in, I fold, button calls. Cards are turned over with button showing QJ offsuit and BB with 46 offsuit.

Turn : 9
River : 8

Button takes the pot.

I felt a little twinge of remorse when I saw that I could have won a nice pot. This passed quickly after I satisfied myself that I would play the hand the same way next time.

(2) Bellagio $2-$5 NLHE. I have $400 and am on the button. EP, a very loose and aggressive CA player with a $2,000 stack, has been bullying the table with bluffs and has played virtually every hand. I called him down with top pair a couple of times and won both pots. EP raises to 20, folded to me, I call with 4 3, blinds fold.

Flop : K 8 Q

EP bets $20, I call.

Turn : Q

EP checks, I bet $50, EP raises it to $150, I call.

River : blank

EP puts me all-in, I call with my baby flush. He shows KQ and I muck.

I played the hand because I had position and because I had won my previous two encounters against this player. Against another player I would have folded on the turn after the raise, or, more likely, would have folded pre-flop. I probably should have just checked the turn. Not very happy with how I played this one.