Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Pain at the Palms

Palms $2-$5 NLHE. I limp in with 97c (and a $350 stack) in early position. I couldn't ask for a more perfect flop

T 8 6 rainbow

SB bets $20, only one caller, me.

Turn : T

SB bets $30, I go all-in and SB, who has me covered, calls. I flip over my cards while SB elects to wait.

River : 2

SB turns over T6o. Before the pain has a chance to set in, I mentally replay the hand and convince myself that I don't think I could've raised enough to make him fold after the flop. The pain sets in, I quietly mutter "seat open" and make a beeline for the exit. I lose my $400 buy-in in about 25 minutes but this is one session I am not prolonging.