Friday, May 13, 2016

Quick as lightning

I've found a very lucrative busking site, well away from the usual spots like the pedestrian overpasses. With accordion in hand, I will wade into the knee-depth water of the Venetian canal and, with my perfect musical ear, quickly start accompanying the singing gondolier. I then follow the gondola till either I get tipped or fended off by a threatening paddle.

This has enabled me to significantly increase my daily income, and on Wednesday I was even able to afford the $100 minimum buy-in at Aria's 1/3 to join visiting blogger, lightning36, in a session of cards. Needless to say, I went broke after a few hands, but at least lightning36 had a profitable night.


Memphis MOJO said...

The accordion, nice. Who needs Panda Express? Sorry to hear you went broke.

angerisagift said...