Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sign me up

I may have found my next career choice.

While watching the Nelson Mandela memorial, I couldn't but help notice the ease with which the sign language interpreter conveyed the meaning and emotion of the world leaders' eulogies. It looked fairly simple and I could only discern 7 different signs, making it something even I could master with a little effort.

Once certified, I could be a major asset to any poker room whenever a floor decision needs to be explained to a deaf player.


Lester said...

Only one sign needed....

Make a fist but have the thumb pointing upwards.

Hold fist at middle of chest and make a violent upwards arc motion with the end of the arc being the direction of the exit from the poker room.


Mr Subliminal said...

Lester, you make a good point. However, knowing the other 6 signs would increase my chances of employment in other sectors.

Pete P. Peters said...

The picture says a lot. I mean, look at that smile. In 15 years, I've never been that happy at work.

Good luck