Saturday, November 16, 2013

I got a fever

The poor fellow in seat 9 was sneezing uncontrollably. Thankfully my seat 3 was outside the contaminated blast zone and therefore in a germ-free area. However I could see the dealer was starting to get visibly agitated and only the internal customer relations training he underwent prevented any verbal response on his part.

Me : Allergies?

Seat 9 : No, I think I'm getting a fever.

Me : I'm a physician. The only prescription is more cowbell.

Seat 9 : Huh?


JT88Keys said...

If I'm at a table with somebody who is obviously sick I get a table change or quit playing ASAP. Even if you aren't seated right next to them you are handling the same cards and chips. Unless you're very disciplined about not touching your face or you are playing in a bio-hazard suit you WILL pick up their germs.

Can you tell this is one of my pet peeves?

Mr Subliminal said...

@JT88Keys : Then you will enjoy some of my past posts on the subject :