Monday, April 22, 2013


Lost my $100 buy-in in 6½ minutes leaving me 4 hours with nothing to do. Rather than work the rail and try scrounging up another buy-in, I utilized the time by visiting the roulette croupier whose leg was injured during my Big Six Wheel dealer audition. He will be leaving hospital in 1 week and, with intensive follow-up physiotherapy, thankfully will only be left with a slight limp. He was in remarkably good spirits and managed to comfort me as I tearfully sobbed about my earlier $100 loss.


lightning36 said...

Perhaps you should martingale a VBJ machine.

Mr Subliminal said...

Once I qualify as a Head Lice Removal Technician, my financial woes will be over.

dD said...

let us know when you're qualified and visiting this side of the pond .... my young daughter has the bastard things, ugh

btw what a cheery wee soul you are for visiting the injured party !