Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beware of the hidden gutshot

I raise with AKs in late position and the big blind is the only caller. We see a flop of

A K 3 (rainbow)

Bingo! Pretty safe flop for me so let's slowplay this and not chase away our quarry.

BB checks as do I.

Turn is a harmless 2.

BB checks again so it's time to start trying to extract something from this hand.

I bet and get checkraised. WTF?! The bastard is surely making a play. Apart from a set, I don't see any other threat so I push.

BB insta-calls, river is a useless 8, and I am shown 54s for the wheel.


grrouchie said...

that sounds like one of those "now let me go sit on my balls really hard as punishment" type of hands

lightning36 said...

"BB checks as do I."

This type of statement has probably lost me more money than I can even remember. It seems like every time I give a free card to trap I get burned. I would have led out with a bet in case he had hit his inferior Ace or King, thus building the pot.

Hindsight is always 20/20, as is blogger commentary on a hand. : o )

Memphis MOJO said...

Ouch, no make that double ouch.

nailedontheriver said...

oh yes, we,ve all felt that pain as your monster hand extracts max value from your own chipstack.