Sunday, August 05, 2012

Schadenfreude and Planet Hollywood revisited

For reasons best left unsaid, I found myself playing poker for the first time in many years at Planet Hollywood on Friday night. I don't particularly like the "room" as it is just a roped off open area surrounded by drunk screaming girls and a generous oversupply of loud music. Communication between players and dealer is done through shouting and, when necessary, with sign language.

Tonight, 24 hours after the event, as I was reading grrouchie's blog I happenstanced upon a link to another blog and after some reading realized that I had actually played with this blogger on Friday night, although I didn't know it at the time. It was no other than Stump, a very amiable young fellow who was seated to my right. I have added his link to my blog list and suggest you take a look.

One lowlight was when I managed to get a straight flush which is normally rewarded by a $200 high hand bonus, provided there is at least $10 in the pot. I was heads-up with a young imbecile who, despite my obvious prompting and hinting, refused to call my $5 bet (which I would have gladly returned to him plus some) to bring the pot over $10, thus denying me the $200 bonus. I let him know my feelings in no uncertain terms, but as it so often happens with the mentally challenged, he couldn't comprehend what had just occurred and refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing or mistake on his part.

A couple of hands later, this very same cretin lost his $200 stack when his turned nut flush was rivered by a boat. As he sat there stunned, I vocally made it known that I was very pleased at the result by shouting "very, very nice hand" at least 4 times to the victor, standing up and applauding while doing so. Fuckstick then slowly left the table accompanied by some subtle, albeit crude, farewell parting shots from yours truly.


grrouchie said...

While it does suck that idiot was unable to allow you to get your bonus, I applaud your reaction to him getting felted.

FlushDraww said...

Seems fair to me. He made you lose your $200 bonus and he lost his $200 lol. really like the blog and you are part of my bloglist of ones I read as soon as they are updated.

lightning36 said...

How did you let him know without providing some audio/video documentation that would give the PH overlords a reason to not award the jackpot?

Mr Subliminal said...

I realize that one is not allowed to mention anything concerning the jackpot during the hand. However, I looked at the board, looked at him and then, with a $5 chip in my raised hand, slowly said "P.l.e.a.s.e... c.a.l.l... m.e...". I then placed the $5 chip in the pot in a drawn out motion while still maintaining eye contact, with a begging look on my face.

I had not played at PHo for ages. When I did, there were known codewords for just this type of situation, like "when's your birthday", or "dealer can you spread the pot".

Not being familiar with anyone at the table, I felt that in this case my actions were the better alternative than just asking the dealer to spread the pot. The dealer also confirmed afterwards that I had not breached any rules.