Sunday, October 16, 2011

South Point bad beat jackpot

At 12:50am (about 3 hours ago), the $50,000 South Point bad beat jackpot was finally hit. I was playing $1-$2 NLHE on Table 11 with John dealing, when seat 1 (8s 8h) and seat 4 (9c 9s) had the good fortune of mixing it up on the following board :

8h Qc 9h 8c 9d

Seat 1 got $20k, seat 4 $10k, and the 84 folks in the room, myself included, received $239 each.


Memphis MOJO said...

Every little bit helps. How long did it take to get the payout settled?

Mr Subliminal said...

There were 10 active tables at the time. The 2 big winners got paid after about 50 minutes, and then Table 11 got paid first after about 1 hour. I then left, but I presume it would have taken another 90 minutes to get through the other 9 tables. They did, however, give people the option of coming back another time for the money, but most stayed.

lightning36 said...

Freebie mobney is the sweetest!