Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Set over set over set on the flop

I was witness to a huge pot when 3 players went all-in on a flop of

Q 7 3

As it transpired, each had flopped a set. Given that 3 players have 3 different pairs and see the flop, what is the probability of each flopping a set?

The first correct answer will win a designer T-shirt (see below).


SoxLover said...

Is it 6/46 (number of "outs" for first flop card to make a set against the 3 hands) *

4/45 (number of "outs" for second turn card to hit remaining 2 hands) *

2/44 (number of "outs" for last set to hit) =

48/91080 or 0.00052701

If I am right, I am not sure I want he tee shirt.

msbuss said...

All players have a 12% chance of flopping a set. Therefore, the chances of all of them flopping a set would be 0.12 x 0.12 x 0.12 = 0.001728 = 0.17%

Can I get the t-shirt with a black cock instead?

TripJax said...

I love funny shirts. I even make them sometimes. That shirt is one of the funniest things I will never wear. So good.