Monday, June 29, 2009

2009 Bodog Mini Poker Series

Didn't finagle your way into the WSOP Main Event? Couldn't make it out to Vegas for the 106 degree oven heat? Fret not, online poker comes to the rescue. The 2009 Bodog Mini Poker Series comprises a series of 13 $10+$1 tournaments that run from Friday, July 3rd to Wednesday, July 15th 2009. The top 30% of finishers in each qualifying tournament will earn points based on their finish and these points will be used to rank players.

The prizes range from a 2010 WSOP Main Event Seat down to T$162. Naturally, a Tournament Leader Board will be available throughout the course of the series, which will provide the point totals for every player that has played in the qualifying tournaments.

And for those of you degenerates who would still like to place prop bets on the current WSOP, look no further than here.