Thursday, September 06, 2007

How to screw up your image for life

On rare occasions poker brings out the best in human behavior. More often than not, it brings out the worst. I just witnessed an undignified exhibition of douchebaggery by an ex-dealer named Kyle Morris on ESPN's 2007 WSOP Main Event coverage.

After cracking Daniel Negreanu's aces with K9s, Morris acts like a 10-year-old when he jumps up and loudly asks the crowd for approval and applause. An ex-dealer should know better. In a subsequent hand, Morris rivers a flush against Negreanu's straight and by his actions and table talk, probably starts believing that he actually is a match for Daniel.

Earlier, Negreanu makes a reference to Rocky 3 as a source of inspiration, so when he is finally eliminated and leaves the table, Morris cannot hold back and lets go with "Sorry Mr. Balboa, try again next year."

One can only be left with the impression that Kyle Morris, who finished 540th for a $25k prize, is a little pipsqueak with a big chip on his shoulder.


osinsh said...

Yesterday watched that episode - yes, that behavior was a little too much. But who the fuck cares, ya know :]

Beck said...

I liked that the announcer (I don't remember which it was) criticized the guy's behavior on the broadcast. At least that guy's moment of TV time will be highlighted by getting verbally bitchslapped.

veeRob said...

I thought it was HI-larious, and I totally don't even know the guy.