Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Myth of the Huge Field - Part I

In a recent article in Card Player, we read about an online player who finished 812th (out of a field of 8773) in the 2006 WSOP main event, or just in the money, for a prize of $15k.

Last year he plowed through nearly 8,000 players and cashed for a respectable $15,000 while taking his first shot at the coveted world championship crown.

Now I'm sure that there's no better feeling than making the money in a WSOP event. But what's this about "plowing through nearly 8,000 players"? Did he really plow through 8,000 players? Is there any significant difference between finishing 812th out of a field of 8,773 or 406th out of 4,386 players? Or 203rd out of 2,193 for that matter? How does the increasing field size translate into actual extra play?

Note that I'm talking about finishing just in the money, not making the final table.


TripJax said...

Plowing was a terrible use of the word in the context of a poker tournament. In a filed that size, you really only control yourself and the play you are involved in. To make it sound like you took out the other 7999 people by using plowed is bad representation.

Maybe the larger fields just bring an aura with them. I would imagine making it to 800 out of 8000 took 4 to 6 days (though 3 or 4 of those days there is no action while other "flights" play.

I'd say it is very respectable to cash in any tournament, but unless you pulled a JC Tran and absolutely obliterate a tournament (just using him as a random example, since hoy wrote about him recently), then i think writers should be careful how they represent what they are trying to say.

Nice post...and your header graphic makes me laugh every time I see it. Worth clicking through and commenting just to see the picture.

TripJax said...

*field instead of filed.

*i could also learn to close a parenthesis.

*i suck at writing and editing my own work.