Saturday, May 13, 2006

From tiger to pussycat

It's $1-$2 NL, I'm in the big blind with JJ, LAG in mid-position raises to $10, all fold to me and I call. I have about $100 and he has me covered.

The flop is

8 5 3 rainbow

I bet $10, LAG calls. From his previous betting behavior, I put him on AK or similar, but not an overpair.

Turn : T

I bet $20, he calls. I'm not so sure about his AK anymore.

River : 7

I push, he calls and takes down the pot with AA.

A few hands later I look down to see QQ in early position. I limp, it's raised to $10 by the button and I'm the only caller.

The flop is

6 4 2

I check, button bets $10 and I fold. I'm not risking my stack on third best overpair.


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Unknown said...

I think passive play is more confusing then the min raise.

I had AQ on a Q 7 4 2 T board, called down by AA with me bet every street.

Not once did I ever put him on that.

Was he a poker genius, or supremely weak?