Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Cost of Doing Business

The cost of sitting at a $1-$2 NL table in a Strip casino is about $10 per hour. This includes the rake, tips to dealers and cocktail waitresses and assumes that I am being dealt average cards and am playing against average players. The figure stays about the same for $2-$5 NL, so it is more cost efficient to play at that level (bankroll permitting) if one measures success in terms of big blinds per hour.

Should I wish to, I could lower my hourly nut by playing tournaments or by playing online.


PokerProf said...

Working on finding something (lost the e-mail from you).

Mr Subliminal said...


Jordan said...

Hey Sub. You might have more insight than me, since my live play is sporadic. However, the last time I played, it seemed like there was a large difference in the quality of players at the 1/2 v. 2/5 game. This convinced me to stick with 1/2 because the fish are likely to go there first. But I've never played 2/5, so for all I know, it may just be fish with bigger wallets.