Friday, March 17, 2006

Zen and Retribution

I am currently reading Larry W. Phillips' Zen and the Art of Poker. On page 48 he states :

POKER RULE #34: Detach yourself emotionally from the game.

Does this mean I can't get even with that dipshit who slowrolled me? Every rule has its exception.


High Plains Drifter said...

No, but it means that if you go out of your way to get back at him, bad things can happen. Your focus is on *him*, rather than all the details of the game.

Let the sword of retribution fall of its own accord.

Heavy Critters said...

Fuck that guy right in the ass.

The one big hole in my game is REVENGE.

Revel in it. Love it. Lost because of it.

BTW, my login word for you blog almost spells "condoms". Hee hee.