Sunday, February 26, 2006

Limit hold'em against idiots

The Aladdin is having a $50,000 NLHE freeroll tournament on March 5 for those that have clocked 60 hours of play during the months of January and February. At this stage, it looks like about 120 people will qualify.

I've put in my 60 hours, most of it at the 3-6 limit hold'em tables. In retrospect, I should've stuck to 1-2 NL as generally it is less lemurish. A typical 3-6 hand :

I raise on the button with 88 and get two callers.

Flop : K 7 3       Check, check, I bet, call, call.

Turn : J            Check, check, I bet, call, call.

River : A           Bet, call, I fold.

Lemur takes down the pot with Q7o. Jackass doesn't show.