Thursday, November 10, 2005


I've always enjoyed watching Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, especially in a group setting. I am the undisputed champion here at the shelter and the boys have set up a fund to get me a ticket to New York so that I can audition for the real thing. We've collected $12.57 to date, and at this rate I should be airbound sometime in the fall of 2007. One can only hope that the show will still be in production then.

So it was with great interest that I read that fellow poker blogger Jason Kirk will be going to NYC in 2 weeks to audition for WWTBAM. As a gesture of solidarity, I hereby offer my Phone-a-Friend list to Jason so that he may have this unparalleled intellectual firepower at his disposal.

Subjects                                                        Phone-a-Friend
Human biology, literature                                     Daddy

Animal kingdom, music                                        Daddy

Food, Kathy Liebert                                              Daddy

Good luck, Jason!!


JasonSpaceman said...

It's good to know I have someone I can count on for my lifelines! There's no way the audience will know anything about donkeys or Kathy Liebert.

I have a spare $.14 in my pocket - where can I mail it to add to your fund? I'd love to speed up your savings rate to help you get out to NYC.

lassiter said...

A number of prominent New Yorkers, upon hearing of your plan, have pledged to triple any amount you raise to get you to stay where you are!