Friday, September 30, 2005


Happy birthday to tampa/big cheese/mad dog, my good close personal friend. Looking forward to many more AIM sessions.


lassiter said...

...low, Subliminal, that was really, really low.

Harry said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Lassiter !

You've been and always will remain the King of Talk Radio.

Best wishes and greetings from one of your many fans who became addicted to your educative and entertaining shows.

When in Tampa, I taped many of your programs and brought a bag full of cassette-recordings with me to Germany where I reside.


Avellanas said...

Hey cheese move to Oregon. It rains alot but no bad stuff like Tampa.

Flap said...

Belated best wishes Bob, I really miss you on the air. Always interesting, always insightful, always entertaining and one of the best. IMHO. I hope you have a terrific day, and yes, at age 53 I understand your annoyance/rage at the passing of time. Be well sir.

And I too will be out of Florida soon, 50 years here is more than any decent human should have to endure. :)